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The second soap opera of the María Trilogy, where she is yet another peasant girl. She lived by the sea with her grandparents, and fell in love with Sergio, the son of the owner of an "hacienda". Sergio's family disapproved of the relationship, especially after the couple married. The cast included renowned soap opera figures such as co-host Eduardo Capetillo and actress Chantal Andere.

This soap marks the beginning of Thalía's international exposure — it is distributed in 180 countries and translated in all languages, stealing the hearts of millions of fans around the world. It paralyzed TV in entire countries, such as Brazil, Mauritius, Indonesia, the Philippines and many others. It also opened new markets in Europe, Asia and the rest of South America, where she traveled to give concerts in Spanish, her native language.


Thalía Marimar Pérez / Bella Aldama

Eduardo Capetillo Sergio Santibáñez and others.

Original story: Inés Rodena

Written by: Carlos Romero

Song theme: Marimar / Performed by: Thalía

Episodes: 75
Country: Mexico



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