Sunday, September 9, 2007

Maria la del barrio

María la del Barrio (María from the Neighborhood) is the third soap opera of the María Trilogy. Soap stars Fernando Colunga and Itatí Cantoral, amongst others, were part of the superb cast. In the last María telenovela, Thalía portrays María la del Barrio, a scavenger who is adopted by a rich businessman, and falls in love with Luis Fernando (Colunga), an arrogant, rich man.

María married Luis Fernando, had a baby with him, but gave the baby away during a temporary bout of insanity.In this tragic-comedy she portrayed a happy, genuine and full of life young girl, who later turned into a suffering woman grieving for her lost child. It does have a happy ending, though!

The soap opera, without a doubt, touched young and adult audiences around the world due to its innocent, entertaining and enchanting storyline. After the María Trilogy of soap operas circled the globe, a census showed that they have been viewed by more than a billion people around the world!


Thalía María Hernández

Fernando Colunga Luis Fernando and others.

Original story: Inés Rodena

Written by: Carlos Romero

Episodes: 90
Country: Mexico


music_guru said...

great job.. hope u could post the video downloads of this soap pls... gracias!!

LeaL said...

Thalia seni çok seviyorum. I love you.:)


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