Monday, September 10, 2007

Maria mercedes


Thalía plays leading role in María Mercedes, the first of a successful and unique trilogy of soap operas (also known as the María Trilogy) where she would play poor, young girls called María.

In María Mercedes, the character had to raise her family on her own. Eventually she fell in love with Jorge Luis, a rich man. The amazing cast included co-star, Arturo Peniche, and Thalía's sister, Laura Zapata as the villain. This was the first time Thalía shared space on the TV screen with her sister Laura, something that sometimes caused "trouble" on the set due to the sister's interminable attacks of laughter. In addition, in this soap opera, Thalía had the opportunity to work with producer Valentín Pimstein, the architect of the successful careers of actresses Verónica Castro, Lucía Méndez, Victoria Rufo and Edith González, amongst others.

In summary, María Mercedes turned out to be an absolute hit, and obtained the highest ratings, paralyzing Mexican TV. It definitely won Thalía the title of "The Queen of Telenovelas".


Thalía Maria Mercedes Muñoz

Arturo Peniche Jorge Luis del Olmo.

Original story: Inés Rodena

Written by: Carlos Romero

Song theme: Maria mercede / Performed by: Thalía

Episodes: 80
Country: Mexico

Arabic Version:


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