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Quinceañera (The 15 Year-Old Girl) is Thalía's first leading role in a "telenovela". It becomes the first soap opera produced in Mexico for young audiences. Also produced by Carla Estrada, it included the participation of actress Adela Noriega as Maricruz in the leading role along with Thalía.Thalía plays Beatriz, the daughter of a wealthy family. She and her friend Maricruz — who is not so wealthy — are about to turn 15, an age when they will leave their childhood behind. Beatriz falls in love with Maricruz's brother, a young man who takes advantage of her and leaves her pregnant.The storyline generated a lot of controversy due to the fact that Beatriz got pregnant at such a young age. As a result, the Mexican press published articles about the subject and talked about the misinformation that children sometimes receive from parents. With this role, Thalía grew closer to the public, but especially caught the attention of all those teens who were facing the same problematic

Thalía Beatriz

Adela Noriega Maricruz

Original story: Rene Munoz

Written by: Jorge Duran Chavez

Song theme: Quinceanera / Performed by: Timbiriche

Episodes: 183
Country: Mexico



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