Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Thalia launches book on Pregnancy

Thalia is about to launch his second book on the market for personal advice and focused on women, specifically mothers, because now it is a publication on the emabarazo, step by step.

Two years ago, when the Mexican was in the final stretch of her pregnancy, presented his latest publishing project, a book on beauty titled "Thalia: Belleza! Lessons in Lip-Gloss and Happiness ", which advises women on basic care for skin, hair or makeup and where it reveals its own secret beauty, lifestyle and spirituality, as well as basic ejercicio.Este second volume is titled "Thalia: Radiant! The Ultimate Guide to a Fit and Fabulous Pregnancy", put up for sale next year in the United States in Spanish and English, published by Chronicle Books, and with which the actress also intends to "accompany" to expectant mothers in one of the most important stages of his life, with various councils of food, exercise and fashion before, during and after pregnancy to feel and look happy.



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