Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tommy Mottola and Thalía Plan Playdates With Marc and Jennifer

Having celebrated their daughter Sabrina Sakaë's first birthday on October 7th, music producer Tommy Mottola and singer Thalía are thrilled with the course that their lives have taken. With Thalía managing to shed the baby weight within the year by combining a diet made up of "the boring stuff, broccoli, and vegetables...[and] lots of water" with a routine that has her doing "yoga [and] pilates two times a week," the couple are focusing their time together as a family. In fact, Tommy, 59, shares that Sabrina "completely occupies our lives. We try not to do anything without her, most of the day, every day." As a first-time parent, Thalía's baby interest has grown as the couple believe they have become "so suited to other people's kids," finding themselves stopping to admire other babies in public. "When we go out and we see a baby, we ask, 'My God, look at her. How old is she? What is she doing?,'" says the 37-year-old proud mama.

Recently, Tommy and Thalía spent the day with close friends Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, who are parents to 7 ½-month-old twins Max David and Emme Maribel. As parents to "beautiful" babies, the change in Jennifer and her newfound happiness did not go unnoticed, reveals Thalía. Proof that times have changed, Tommy -- who calls Jennifer a "great mother" -- admits that with Marc the two "always used to talk business," however, these days the topic of conversations tends to center around "what we did with the baby today and what we'll do tomorrow." The children of some of the industry's top musicians will soon be sharing their toys as Thalía says the families are already in talks for future play dates! "We're setting up a play date. Our daughter is six months older, so she will teach [the twins] some words." Source: PEOPLE for CBB



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