Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Thalia not act on Ugly Betty

The publicist for the interpreter to "have patience" denied that Thalia was acting in the upcoming series produced by his countryman, Salma Hayek.

Some agencies have attached to a communique published on the website of the artist reported that "the wife of Tommy Mottola already signed a contract to act in a few chapters of the series." But when you get into the official website of Thalia, the alleged confirmation of his performance did not appear for ningón side. Only found a note published in reference medal of honor ala reciebiera Thalia by the Police in NY Casita Maria.

It is in this thing done in New York City on Tuesday night, the actress and singer refused to take any project on track with Salma Hayek, executive producer of "Ugly Betty." "I always inventing things," the singer told the reporters that the boarded on this rumor that apparently unfounded.

Even though some news agencies have echoed the same, now remains to be seen whether or not it is true that Thalia will be giving a special series for ABC, the same company that handles the production of his radio program that is broadcast to nationally.


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