Friday, March 6, 2009

Thalia ... Radiant for a good cause!.

With the right balance between elegance and simplicity, Thalia was one of the invited to the annual festival organized by the Foundation of the police department of New York at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in this American city. Accompanied by her husband, music producer Tommy Mottola, the interpreter, aware that it arouses the attention, and care of their attire. He chose the color black for his clothes, cut knee, belted at the waist with a belt and with a bare shoulder, combined with black shoes and white wrist and a simple set of jewelry (pending hoop bracelet and bright ring). Both contributed to the cause of this organization (the entry cost was $ 1500, almost 1,200 euros), which works to strengthen the department through innovative programs and initiatives against crime, which have proved effective in reducing number of crimes. During the evening, as usual, it paid tribute to the mayor, Michael Bloomberg. The artist has also been reported recently by rumors that aimed to be expecting her second child. However, the representative of the couple left immediately for the passage of these comments, strongly denied these insinuations, "Thalia is not pregnant." The couple already has a daughter Sabrina Sakae, who was born in October 2007. Tommy Mottola arrived with his wife, Thalia, with an elegant black dress that left one shoulder bare, a charity gala.
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