Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thalía is rubbing shoulders with royalty in Spain.

"It is intriguing, but those born to queens, the sky will fall crowns and thrones. And this is the case of Thalia. Mrs. Mottola starring last Thursday night with all the figures of the Latin American show business in Miami, Florida. Was the guest of honor of the kings of Spain in a private evening at the luxurious Biltmore Hotel. And lucky to be here and have packed a tuxedo is that we were able to cast as the honorary guests of luminaire. Seven of the night with 30 minutes, down from a room in that hotel. Thalia and Tommy, surrounded by television cameras and photographers. Obviously, the impact of finding ourselves at the table of honor. Being a celebrity, even a rebound, is a unique experience. The waiters called us by name and were ready to fill the cups before the last sip. Our Mexican star, sheathed in elegant silk and chiffon dress color of the Mexican bishop Ángel Sánchez. Had designs Cavalli and Versace, she decided to support the Latino community. Elegant accessories diamond, yellow gold embedded Moschino shoes and gold (with matching bag) from Valentino. Chula by Queen Sofia, told him: "You're Mexican maja and more famous in our land, my grandchildren will know all your songs." Julio Iglesias, Gloria and Emilio Estefan were talking about the delights prepared by top chefs from 10 of the Motherland in the Spanish weeks in the county of Coral Gables. Ambassadors, sportsmen, politicians and local aristocrats met. Very few went "hat", all paid $ 500 per thousand covered money to benefit the community of Spanish veterans resided in North America. Everyone had to do with Thalía. Her husband was proud to be a couple of Hispanic women more appreciated in Europe. King Juan Carlos, when asked about the source of its beauty: "You, young lady is even more beautiful inside than outside ... and see that the comparison overwhelmed." After the laughter clatter, the witty and spontaneous Mexican star said: "Beauty is only a reflection of happiness, your majesty, and I am one of the highlights of my life." The evening will be forever etched in our memory. The downside is that the famous U.S. not "burst" to the Mexican ... At 11 pm and there was not a soul in the elegant lobby ... Thanx For Thalia Online



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