Sunday, March 8, 2009

Conexion Thalia, March 7, 2009 ,Latest program

Eye with the texts they send and receive their children, fashion is upload photos of tone, and the punishment could hurt the rest of their lives. Thalía connection as always support them in these times when the economy is not what we wanted. Our esthetician, Elida Montoya brings his recipes Beauty Refrigerator. And of course, our dear Xavier Serbia with another of his financial advice. Thalía and entertaining conversation with José Luis Rodríguez, El Puma ... exclusive, confessions, jokes and so much more than you can listen here. Germán Montero, open your heart, humor and talent for beautiful Thalia and tells us this is his solo side triumphing. And Xavier Serbia continues its intensive caring pocket. Thalía Connecting the only program that keeps you informed, entertained and consented. Do not cut the connection, which is the only connection Thalía.



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