Friday, February 6, 2009

What happens to Thalía?

In autumn 2007, Thalía became the mother of a child who named Sabrina Sakae, and since then the star has put heart and soul into his new facet as a mother. On a personal level, it appears that the singer lived one of his best moments on the side of her husband, mother and daughter, as are the countless times he has been captured along with them, either at public events, working, or simply vacation. However, his career as a singer, the Mexican seemed to have taken a break with no end date, a situation that has troubled their thousands fans around the world to ask: What happens to Thalía? The actress who gave life to Marías has neglected its sensual image that characterizes it as one of the sexiest Latina on the international level, it has now gone beyond the glamor and simply looks more natural. His relaxed attitude with her latest album entitled Lunada, which terminated its contract with record label EMI Music, with whom he worked for over 10 years and released 12 albums, and face the 20 million copies sold. Recently, Thalía was captured on holiday on the beaches of Miami, where he looks thinner than ever, wearing loose clothing, sunglasses and hats to conceal their different faces.
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