Saturday, February 7, 2009

Thalia, Martha Higareda and Anahi ... Together?

Carla Estrada wants to make one of his big dreams as a producer, as it aims to bring together Thalía, Anahí and Martha Higareda at one of its productions, it is a project you want to realize long time, but it has not been done because the tight schedule of the actresses, so it knows that everything is a matter of patience and hard work to bring them together. "I want to do something with Thalia, and why not to join in a soap Anahí, Thalis and Martha, I'm cooking something out there that might be, but they have the last word. It is a ratote not talk to Thalía but I know it would be a good time to do so, although I am almost sure that if you get to propose something, she will not want for now because it is dedicated heart and soul into his baby, and it is logical, because now the girl is very girl walking in this busy, "ended.



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