Sunday, January 4, 2009

Thalia by mistake
Stepchild of the Mexican star rises to the network intimate photos of the family enjoying Christmas in a costly cottage Aspen, Colorado; gets upset Mr Mottola

OEM .- Thalia was seen with his family to enjoy what they are supposed to be intimate holiday, but his stepson, is the son of Tommy Mottola, published through its "face book" images, so that thousands of users who saw each family member-Sodi Mottola enjoyed it nice Christmas.

Big mistake.

The cabin where the happy family enjoyed their vacation is located in Aspen, Colorado, which, according to sources close, is one of the most exclusive and most expensive in the area of the United States.

In the images can also be seen in a more Thalia zoomed to the real world, as did the glamor to one side as it accompanied by her husband Tommy Mottola and his mother, Yolanda Miranda, it was the most comfortable, then wore jeans .

Although the images that were circulating on the Internet was not a small Sakäe, 14 months old, who is said to protect them from cold, the Thalia wore a dress very similar to yours and at all times arropó. But what is it we saw that most of the Christmas gifts were for girls, including a doll house and an electric car.

When the singer arrived in Aspen with his family were sheltered by a pair of bodyguards, but sources say that she walk through the streets of the place and saw he was very happy.

And regarding the images that were broadcast by an error of the son of Mottola, it is said that the father was upset, but the incident did not happen to older and the pictures simply have been removed from the site. (CA)

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