Saturday, December 6, 2008

Conexion Thalia, 6 december,Latest program

It was on the day of knowing who conquered all with his talent and win "playing a STAR" ... a connection Thalia not to be missed And to keep looking for talent ... Thalia ask his listeners to sing "La Guadalupana" on this date you celebrate the miracle Virgencita In time you visit, the Pelon brings us tips on how to prevent robberies and Thalia presents the chambitas this week, that tells us is like working in a shop and everything that happens in the testers ... Penelope Menchaca the modern Cupid and beaks, account in connection Caliente, who is actually the lady who received more compliment on its agenda.
Winners, celebrations, beauty, humor,

love and HO HO HO Much Christmas atmosphere in this connection its Thalia.



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