Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thalia ... A Trademark

Have something in common Frida Kahlo, El Santo, Rafael Marquez and Thalia ... capitalize on his name as a trademark. T-shirts, shirts, mugs, dolls, balls, lingerie, tequila and even hotels are some of the products that have sponsored these famous with its name through licensing its brand and partnerships with multinational companies. Natividad Leticia Rangel, a specialist in brand consultancy Clarke, Modet and Co. in Mexico, said that even though this market is experiencing a small growth in the last three years, especially in people who perform an activity that is displayed by the media. "It's a market where more and more celebrities are seeking to take the leap into a brand, because his name is well-positioned in their area where they operate," he said. Ana Maria Martinez, a specialist in intellectual property, said that consumers look for the name of a brand, and in the case of celebrities such as Thalia and Rafael Marquez they do is to license its name because it has become a valuable asset to level of a brand.



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