Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Testimony of Thalia on .. Lyme

I was in the middle of my pregnancy when I was a beginning of this "cold" ... chills, sweating, constipated nose, headache, body, and so on. I worry a lot, because it can be dangerous to get a cold when you're pregnant. Time passed and I had my beautiful baby, full of life happiness. But there was something strange about me. I thought, 'maybe you gave post-partum depression or the so-called "baby blues", why are you so sad and tired. " "We happen to you." But at the same time I thought, 'No, I'm not sad. " How? If I have the greatest gift for which I waited so much! What happens is that I'm exhausted physically and mentally. Is that you're breast-feeding. The baby is eating you! Powered well and taking iron, because it might be anemia. But if my diet is well balanced. I do not understand! I can not concentrate on anything. It's like being without! I feel like flying. And if it is psychological? Maybe you need some anti-depressant. No ... so what do I do with my insomnia? I can not rest at night and is not for my baby since I got help from my familia.Leer More ... •



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