Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thalia receives statuette Orgullosamente Latino 2008

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Thursday, October 2, at 12:30 am, while the city of New York, United States, the first statuette proudly of Latino, The Audience Award 2008, 5th. Delivery, was delivered by Fredy Maldonado, who traveled from San Salvador, to the City of Skyscrapers and rewarding award to Thalia.
Fredy Maldonado waited for hours to Thalia in the building of ABC News Radio in Manhattan. Daniel Habif plugged the eyes of Fredy, and together they entered the radio booth where the interpreter of 'Tú y Yo' and I recorded once a week Thalia Connection program.

Just saw his idol, Fredy hugged and kissed the artist. Immediately, he began to rely on the much admired, how it has followed since her inception, and what we are enamored of their simple, her way of being and her closeness to God.
Thalia also was moved and left no words of thanks and affection of her unconditional fan. Act followed, Fredy handed the statuette to otroga the leading channel for Latin Music, which lifted Thalia, Thalia thanked every fan who voted for she, especially in a category as important as what is the Trayectora Latina

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