Thursday, October 2, 2008

Six Simple Rules: Thalia

Mexican singer, actress and mogul Thalía Sodi, 37, just keeps adding to her resume—she's now mami to 11-month-old Sabrina Sakaë, whom she calls a "mini-Thali." How does she wear so many hats and still keep her head on straight? Here are her six simple rules to live by...

1. Reinvent yourself.
Being on this earth gives us the chance to keep getting our feet wet in new puddles. I've pretty much done it all. But as a mom, I've discovered a whole new world through Sabrina's eyes, her hands and her sounds.

2. And your work. Maria la del Barrio [one of Thalia's most famous telenovelas] could potentially be a hit if turned into a series here, a la Ugly Betty. But it would need the right script, storyline and legwork. American audiences are picky, so it

wouldn't be easy, but it could work.

3. Make the most out of your bathroom.
I love taking a bath—it's my oasis. I'll put some salts in hot water, and if I have some rose petals, I'll sprinkle them around, light my candles and throw some soft music on. Then I can focus on my breathing.

4. In fact, make it all yours. They key to my long-lasting marriage with Tommy Mottola is that we have common goals, but we respect our space. If I want to have coffee with my friends, he's okay with it. If he wants to smoke cigars with his, I'm fine with that too. And, of course, we have separate bathrooms.

5. Don't be a technophobe!
The recording industry has totally imploded because of the digital era, but technology can work in your favor. My music gets to the whole world in seconds. No more going from pueblito to pueblito to promote. I even had my fans pick the first single, "Ten Paciencia," off my new album Lunada, by voting on my website.

6. Some things are timeless, though.
I'm a die-hard fan of scrapbooking. I love cutting up pictures and putting little bows and signs all over them. I'm a pro. I even have an office that's more like a storage room for all my items--drawers and drawers arranged by event, like vacations and birthdays.



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