Saturday, August 2, 2008

Thalia and the Cristina Show scored major Tv ratings !!!
Thalia's interview and performance on the Cristina show, which aired on Monday, July 28th, on the Univision network were a big success. The euphoria to see Thalia on the Cristina show was so great that tv ratings for the show for the most important Hispanic tv markets compared to the ratings obtained by english language shows on the main tv networks in the same time slot. For example, the Cristina show with Thalia ranked #1 in rating in Chicago and Miami in their respective time slot, even up against english language shows on ABC, CBS and NBC. The show also have impressive ratings in the following markets:

Los Angeles: 18.3
Miami: 14.7
New York: 17.9
Chicago: 20.9
San Antonio: 15.



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