Friday, July 4, 2008

Sharp plans to Thalia in 2009.

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The Mexican singer Thalia, who is promoting his new material recording "Monday", commented that could start their tour next year. "Ahorita I'm focused on promoting what is Monday. I think the tour will begin by next year," said the artist to a website. When the singers are promoting his record and begin with a tour, usually do not want to secede from their small children, but Thalia thinks it's best left to its primogénita at home.

"She has her routine. A baby needs to feel safe, feel their spaces, their safety. I do not think it is logical for me to bring me here to there and from there to here," he stressed. "One lives in this life as a gypsy media spectacle, but at all I am going to put my daughter in such circumstances. I will go for two or three days and return home. She stays with her father and her grandmother "He added.



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