Thursday, June 26, 2008

Thalia launches new album Lunada at New York nightclub

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Thalia launched a new album co-produced by Emilio Estefan with a rumba at the exclusive New York nightclub Nikki Midtown.

"Lunada" features 11 cuts, most notably the single "Ten Paciencia," or "Have Patience." It includes both new songs such as "Bendita" ("Blessed"), which she composed for her 8-month-old daughter, Sabrina Sakae, and new versions of old classics: "Insensible" ("Insensitive") by Juan Gabriel and "Isla Para Dos" ("Island for Two") by Nano Cabrera.

"This disc came along when I was very pregnant with my daughter," Thalia told The Associated Press Tuesday before the party began. "I was almost eight months along. I had had it, and the only thing I could think about were bikinis, suntan lotion, beer and the beach.

"So I began to think to myself, 'Hey! What was that song I liked last summer in Argentina? 'Sangre Caliente' ("Hot blood")! And when I went with my friends to (the Mexican beach resort of) Ixtapa, which one was it? That's right! The one by Juan Gabriel!' ... That's how 'Lunada' was born."

Decked out in a short, tight red dress and with her hair let down, the singer spoke enthusiastically about "Ten Paciencia," composed by Descemer Bueno, Magilee Alvarez and Cynthia Salazar.

"'Ten Paciencia' is a sound that suddenly makes you jump out of your skin, a sound that makes you ask, 'Hmm, what is it? pop?' It includes an accordion but suddenly brings in a little bit of Latin sound. What is it? It is a song that also has very good, sensual and bold lyrics. It's intended to make people dance."

Regarding the song "Blessed" that she wrote for her daughter, Thalia said it came to her while she was in a car on the way to the recording studio.

"I started to feel in my heart the words and the melody that it had to have. I began to write it on a napkin — to write it and write it and write it — and I arrived at the studio and ... I began to sing it."

The singer of such hits as "Amor a la Mexicana" ("Love Mexican Style") and "Piel Morena" ("Brown Skin") said she has become a lot calmer since she became a mother.

"I think that, in general, I'm more relaxed. I'm less compulsive than I used to be, less of an obsessive worker. Now I enjoy myself and just try to relax and wait. What's gonna happen in life will happen. Don't chase it! Everything will come whenever it has to come."

Thalia, who married music executive Tommy Mottola seven years ago, said balancing family and career is a question of priorities.

"You have to know which are your priorities, and it's so clear (to me): My family is No. 1," she said.

Asked how she maintains her relationship with Mottola, she replied:

"It is just like a relationship made in heaven, seriously. We are partners. We are very much the same. We like the same things, we do the same stuff, we like the same food, we just have a good time all the time. We respect each other, we respect our dreams, our careers, our things and we share life in a great way."

"Lunada" goes on sale next Tuesday under the EMI Latin label


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