Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Thalía, mother of a little while to another one - el

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Thalía, mother from a little while to another one

IN the house of Thalía, back in New York, already the centers of red alert, because ignited from a little while at another one the daughter of the singer and the producer will arrive at this world Tommy Mottola. According to the doctors, the future mother will give to light more taking Wednesday of the next week, but as it is natural childbirth the thing can change from a little while to another one. With the previous thing, the rumor that that comes down Thalía is on the verge of returning to the television with a series produced by Salvador Mejía. Until the moment, the only thing that has done in television is the program Truths or lies of Veronica Castro, that transmitted Saturday the past.



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