Saturday, September 8, 2007

Mambo cafe
Family values get a new twist in this wicked comedy that finds Nydia (Latin pop star Thalia) attempting to pull her father's struggling restaurant out of impending financial trouble. On summer break from college, Nydia and her brother become embroiled in a scheme to bring in customers that has to do with murder, mayhem, and the Mafia. Can Nydia save the family from the ensuing comedic disaster?


Thalía Nydia

Danny Aiello Joey

Robert Costanzo Antonio Andalucci ("Fat Tony")

Kamar de los Reyes Manny

Rosana DeSoto Carmen and others.

Written and produced by: Reuben González

Run Time: 98 minutes


Saad said...

Would you please post the whole movie in here??? cause I've been desperatley seeking for it for ages! :(

please if you "do" have it, post it :)

ibrahem said...



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