Monday, September 10, 2007

Itatí Cantoral organizes a baby shower for Thalía


The actress is giving a party for her friend in New York City

In the course of the broadcast of her US radio program Conexión Thalía, the Mexican singer said that her friend Itatí Cantoral will be the organizer of her Baby Shower. The baby is due in September.
“She’s happy. She’s been hoping to be a mommy for the longest time, and the pregnancy is progressing well,” said Cantoral, 32. “I planned her bachelorette party so I’m doing the Baby Shower,” she told La Oreja (Televisa). The two aren’t just pals, the future mommy, 35 and her husband Tommy Mottola, 58, are the godparents of one of Cantoral’s twins.
The star ofLa viuda de blanco (Telemundo) still doesn’t know what gift to buy for the baby. “She has everything she needs, so it has to be something very meaningful. I’d like to get the first outfit for when the baby leaves the hospital, which has to be yellow, a good luck color,” she said and added that the couple haven’t yet decided who the godparents will be.
Thalía’s first baby shower took place last July. It was organized by her fan club Mundo de Cristal. Thalía joined in via a long distance phone call.



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