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1990-10-10 14:15:27
Discography >> 1990

Thalía - Thalía (Fonovisa)

Thalía started her singing career when she was just a 9-year-old little girl. Her first presentation was at a child singing contest, Juguemos a Cantar ("Let's Play Singing"), with an infantile music group called first Pac-Man then they changed their name to Din-Din. They made 4 records.

In 1986, she joined teenager music group Timbiriche, and was a member until 1989. During this time, the group became Mexico's most popular youth pop-rock band. They recorded six albums together. In 1989 she left for the United States to study and prepare for her soloist career.

Her singing career as a solo artist started in 1990, when she launched her first album entitled Thalía, produced by Alfredo Díaz Ordaz. Following Timbiriche's tradition, it includes song of the 80's pop-rock style.

1. El baile de los perros y los gatos
2. Libertad de expresión
3. Amarillo azul
4. Aeróbico
5. Pienso en ti
6. Saliva
7. Un pacto entre los dos
8. Thalismán
9. El poder del amor
10. La tierra de nunca jamás

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Mundo de Cristal (Fonovisa)

1991-09-26 16:50:22
Discography >> 1991

Thalía - Mundo de Cristal (Fonovisa)

Thalía's second soloist record released in Mexico, produced by Alfredo Díaz Ordaz as well. The style is similar to her first album. The song Mundo de Cristal (Crystal World) included in this album was the one her official fan club, founded September 10, 1991, was called by.

1. Cristal (Instrumental)
2. Sudor (Parte I & II)
3. El bombo de tu corazón
4. Te necesito
5. Madrid
6. Fuego cruzado
7. Jolie Madame
8. Mundo de cristal
9. En la intimidad
10. Me matas
11. En silencio
12. Blues Jam

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Love (Fonovisa)

2005-11-27 16:49:25
Discography >> 1992

Thalía - Love (Fonovisa)

Thalía's third album as a soloist, which was recorded in Spain under the production of Luis Carlos Esteban. The record, released in Mexico, includes the super ballad-hit Sangre (Blood), a beautiful Spanish-French adaptation of Edith Piaf's famous song, La vida en rosa (The Life in Rose), and the music theme of the telenovela María Mercedes.

1. A la orilla del mar
2. Sangre
3. La vida en rosa (La vie en rose)
4. Love
5. El bronceador
6. Flor de juventud
7. No es el momento
8. Cien años
9. El día del amor
10. Flores secas en la piel
11. No trates de engañarme
12. Déjame escapar
13. Nunca sabrás
14. María Mercedes

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En éxtasis (EMI)

1995-10-01 16:48:29
Discography >> 1995

Thalía - En éxtasis (EMI)

Her first record released by EMI Music, meaning the beginning of her international singing career, brought her the great breakthrough. Thalía collaborated with famous and recognized producers like Emilio Estefan and Óscar López, and not in vain, the work had the results: she became one of the most celebrated Latin-American singers. The album mixes different music styles, from hot Latin rhythms to ballads.

1. Piel morena
2. Juana
3. Quiero hacerte el amor
4. Amándote
5. Llévame contigo
6. Me erotizas
7. Gracias a Dios
8. Lágrimas
9. Te quiero tanto
10. Te dejé la puerta abierta
11. Fantasía
12. Me faltas tú
13. Piel morena (Remix)
14. María la del barrio

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Anastasia Soundtrack (Warner Music)

1997-10-28 15:54:09
Discography >> 1997

Anastasia (Warner Music)

Thalía has sung the official Spanish and Portuguese versions of the songs of animated movie Anastasia for Latin-America. The song Viaje tiempo atrás (Journey to the Past) is also included in the soundtrack album as bonus track.
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Amor a la Mexicana (EMI)

1997-07-01 16:46:18
Discography >> 1997

Thalía - Amor a la Mexicana (EMI)

After En éxtasis and continuing the line of successes, this album includes really hot and danceable Latin songs. This album was Thalía's tribute for the love she received from fans.

1. Por amor
2. Noches sin luna
3. Mujer latina
4. Amor a la mexicana
5. Rosas
6. Echa pa'lante
7. Ponle remedio
8. Es tu amor
9. De dónde soy
10. Dicen por ahí

*Bonus Tracks (Mexico: Amor a la mexicana remix, Por amor remix, Mujer latina remix; Brasil: Noites sem lua, De onde sou, Menino lindo; Hungary: Marimar)

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Nandito Ako (EMI Philippines)

1997-02-01 16:47:33
Discography >> 1997

Thalía - Nandito Ako (EMI Philippines)

This album is Thalía's special gift for the Philippines, including hits in Tagalog, which is the official language of this Asian country, also in English and Spanish, some of them are from her previous album En éxtasis.

1. Nandito Ako
2. I Found Your Love (Gracias a Dios)
3. Tender Kisses
4. Mariang Taga-Barrio (María la del barrio)
5. Tell Me
6. Chika Lang
7. You Are Still On My Mind (Quiero hacerte el amor)
8. Amándote (Remix)
9. Hey, It's Me
10. Juana (Tagalog)

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Arrasando (EMI)

2000-04-25 16:33:18
Discography >> 2000

Thalía - Arrasando (EMI)

Having the success of En éxtasis and Amor a la mexicana and after three years of pause, Thalía made us surprised again: her album Arrasando excellently mixes modern styles (pop, dance and rap) and Latin rhythms. It could be also called the beginning of a new age of Thalía's musical career.

1. Entre el mar y una estrella
2. Regresa a mí
3. Reencarnación
4. Arrasando
5. No hay que llorar
6. Quiero amarte
7. Suerte en mí
8. Menta y canela
9. Tumba la casa
10. Pata-pata
11. Siempre hay cariño
12. Rosalinda

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Thalía con banda — Grandes éxitos (EMI)

2001-08-27 16:31:02
Discography >> 2001

Thalía con banda - Grandes éxitos (EMI)

Feeling the love for her Mexican homeland, Thalía made a record in which sings the greatest hits of her three previous albums, accompanied on the classical and typical Mexican brass band. In addition, the album includes two brand new songs (*) on the same style composed by the singer own.

1. Amor a la mexicana
2. Piel morena
3. Rosalinda
4. Quiero hacerte el amor
5. Arrasando
6. Cuco Peña*
7. Por amor
8. Entre el mar y una estrella
9. María la del barrio
10. Noches sin luna
11. La revancha*
12. Gracias a Dios
13. Amor a la mexicana (Emilio mix)
14. Piel morena (Emilio mix)

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Thalía (EMI)

2002-05-21 16:27:22
Discography >> 2002

Thalía - Thalía (EMI)

In this album Thalía breaking with the role of the good girl returns to the rocker roots of her initial soloist career.

In the record you can find as songs that remember the '80 as today's modern pop music. You can also hear three English language songs (one of them is a cover version), which could be the first step of the singer's crossover in English market.

1. Tú y yo
2. Así es el destino
3. En la fiesta mando yo
4. No me enseñaste
5. Y seguir
6. A quién le importa
7. Vueltas en el aire
8. Heridas en el alma
9. La loca
10. The Mexican 2002
(Versión en español con Marc Anthony)
11.The Mexican 2002
12. Closer to You
13. You Spin Me 'Round (Like A Record)
14. Promo Track

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Thalía (Virgin Records)

2003-07-08 16:23:29
Discography >> 2003

Thalía - Thalía (Virgin Records)

Thalía's most awaited first English album, which also includes some songs in Spanish, her native language. This record is different from those accustomed of Thalía, as it's a different country with other language and market bringing new styles to us. So, who expected just Latin rhythms, will be disappointed, but who likes the modern pop music most played on the radios today, will surely like this song collection very much.

1. I Want You (feat. Fat Joe)
2. Baby, I'm in Love
3. Misbehavin'
4. Don't Look Back
5. Another Girl
6. What's It Gonna Be Boy
7. Closer to You
8. Save the Day
9. Tú y yo (English Version)
10. Dance, Dance (The Mexican)
11. Me pones sexy (I Want You)
12. Alguien real (Baby, I'm in Love)
13. Cerca de ti (Closer to You)
14. Toda la felicidad (Don't Look Back)

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Thalía's Hits Remixed (EMI)

2003-02-25 16:24:18
Discography >> 2003

Thalía's Hits Remixed (EMI)

Thalía is unstoppable! She brings you again a great surprise, a fantastic remix album made of her greatest hits. But this is not all! With the CD you will also get another surprise, which is the video of her hit A quién le importa

1. A quién le importa
2. It's My Party (Arrasando)
3. Amor a la mexicana
4. Piel morena
5. Mujer latina
6. Dance, Dance (The Mexican)
7. No me enseñaste
8. Entre el mar y una estrella
9. Por amor
10. Tú y yo (Ballad Version)
11. % el mar y Arrasando Medley
12. BONUS VIDEO TRACK — A quién le importa

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Greatest Hits (EMI Latin)

2004-02-10 16:22:24
Discography >> 2004

Thalía - Greatest Hits (EMI)

Thalía included her greatest hits of her last 10-year singing career in one record, performing of course in her native language. It makes us remember the Mexican superstar's hottest Latin songs as Piel Morena, Amor a la Mexicana or Rosalinda, but neither her newest hits as No me enseñaste or A quién le importa can be missed of this great collection.

1. Piel morena
2. María la del barrio
3. Amor a la mexicana
4. Mujer latina
5. Rosalinda
6. Arrasando
7. Regresa a mí
8. Entre el mar y una estrella
9. Tú y yo
10. No me enseñaste
11. A quién le importa
12. Me pones sexy
13. Cerca de ti
14. Toda la felicidad
15. Cuando tú me tocas
16. Acción y reacción

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Greatest Hits Videos (EMI Latin)

2004-02-10 16:21:12
Discography >> 2004

Thalía - Greatest Hits Videos (EMI)

The dream of many fans has come true with this release. Finally you can take home and enjoy always when you want Thalía's best music videos. In addition, you can find a biography and also a photo gallery with some artistic pictures never seen before included in the extra options.

That's Thalía's first and most awaited DVD which cannot be absent from a true fan's collection!

1. Piel morena
2. Gracias a Dios
3. Amándote
4. Por amor
5. Amor a la mexicana
6. Mujer latina
7. Arrasando
8. Regresa a mí
9. Entre el mar y una estrella
10. Reencarnación
11. Amor a la mexicana (Emilio Banda Remix)
12. Tú y yo
13. No me enseñaste
14. A quién le importa
15. Me pones sexy (I Want You)
16. Baby, I'm in Love

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El Sexto Sentido (The Sixth Sense) [CD+DVD] (EMI)

2005-05-01 16:59:45
Discography >> 2005

Thalía - El Sexto Sentido (EMI)

In this excellent production of Thalía we can find different music styles: Latin Pop, R&B, ballads and dance. The record that also has a version released with DVD will be loved by people who like modern music, which also discovers many things from the performer's personality and life.


1. Amar sin ser amada
2. Seducción
3. Un sueño para dos
4. Sabe bien
5. 24000 Besos (24000 Baci)
6. Olvídame
7. No puedo vivir sin ti
8. Un alma sentenciada
9. No me voy a quebrar
10. Loca
11. Empezar de "0"
12. Amor prohibido (Bonus Track)
13. You Know He Never Loved You
14. Seduction
15. A Dream for Two


1. Thalía's World (EPK)
2. Acción y reacción (Music Video)
3. Seducción (Performance from New York)
4. Amar sin ser amada (Behind the Scenes)

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El Sexto Sentido «Re+loaded» (EMI Latin)

2006-01-07 16:18:16
Discography >> 2006

Thalía - El Sexto Sentido «Re-loaded» (EMI Latin)

A special re-release of the album El Sexto Sentido including the hit of Mexican TV show Cantando por un Sueño (Singing for a Dream), a duet with music group Aventura, an unreleased song entitled La super chica (The Super Girl) and the version of Un alma sentenciada Hex Hector remix.

1. Cantando por un sueño
2. No, no, no (con Aventura)
3. Amar sin ser amada
4. Seducción
5. Un sueño para dos
6. Sabe bien
7. 24000 Besos
8. Olvídame
9. No puedo vivir sin ti
10. Un alma sentenciada
11. No me voy a quebrar
12. Empezar de "0"
13. Un alma sentenciada (Hex Hector remix)
14. La súper chica

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2008-06-21 21:13:05
Discography >> 2008


Those who were waiting for the return of the Tropical-Latina Thalía, now you've got it. The new record, Lunada, produced by Emilio Estefan, includes 11 summer songs with some "cover" versions amongst them. The singer described her new production as the most sincere of her music career.

This album is of the tropical rhythms, reggae, ballads and includes also a song written by Thalía, Bendita, dedicated to her baby daughter Sabrina. We can also find the Spanish language cover version of Italian hit Sará perché ti amo (in Spanish, Será porque te amo), performed originally by famous group Ricchi e Poveri. So, what are you waiting for? Let's run to the beach and dance!

1. Ten paciencia
2. Sangre caliente
3. Será porque te amo
4. Con este amor
5. Bendita
6. Desolvidándote
7. Isla para dos
8. Insensible
9. Aventurero
10. Yo no sé vivir
11. Sólo se vive una vez

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