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Biography by thalia3arabia
Name and surname: Thalia Ariadna Sodi Miranda De Mottola

Date of birth: 26 august 1972

Birthplace: Mexico City, D.F.
Sign of zodiac: Lady ; Virgo

Growth, weight, waist: 168cm, 50kg, 50cm

Civil status: Married Woman

Husband : Tommy Mottola, chief Sony Music Entertaiment

Ceremony wedding: Cathedral Holy Patryk, NY, 2.XII.2000

About Thalia: "The international EMI sensation "

About herself: "I am naive, I believe in everything they say"

Favorite feed: Mexican, Japanese

Favorite drink: Water Mineral

Favorite color: Black, White, Red

Favorite executive: The Dorrs, Madonna

Favorite actress: Marylin Monroe

Favorite actor: Pedro Infante

Thalía Ariadna Sodi Miranda was born in August 26 of 1971 in Hospital Español of Mexico City, from a happy and well-positioned Mexican family, being the fifth and last girl. Her oldest sister, Laura Zapata, is also a famous actress in Mexico. Thalia would change her dream of being a Olympic gymnast.

With just a year old, she already appeared in television in a soda commercial. In 1976 she made her first performance in the Mexican movie "La Guerra De Los Pasteles" (The Cake War). Her father, who was a criminological chemist, died when she was five, and that mean a strong blow for the girl, who almost didn't said a word during a whole year. From her four sisters, out of the actress Laura Zapata, Federica is archaeologist, Ernestina, ex Miss Distrito Federal, is writer and doctor in philosophy and letters; and Gabriela is art historian.

She studied the elementary school in La Escuela Francesa-española Liceo Franco-Mexicano. She participated in different infant programs, drawing contests; she practiced also classic ballet and gymnast.

Her artistic career began in 1981 when she assisted in a singing festival with the infant group Pac-Man. Then the group changed name to Din-Din and recorded a total of folur discs "En Acción", "Recordando El Rock And Roll", "Somos Alguien Muy Especial" and "Pitubailando". This group lasted few time and was disintegrated. Now as a soloist in 1983, she participated in "El Segundo Festival Juguemos a Cantar" (The second festival let's play sing), and occurred the same in 1984, in "Tercer Festival Juguemos a cantar" (third festival let's play sing) participating with the song "Moderna Niña Del Rock" making her winner of the second place.

In 1984 she took part in the musical play Vaselina (Spanish version of Grease) first as chorist, then performing the character of Sandy, with the group Timbiriche, which later became one of the most popular youthful groups in Mexico.

In 1986 she integrated to Timbiriche , filling the empty place of Sasha, who left the group for going to study in the foreign. In the same year also debuted as an actress doing the roll of Dina in the soup opera La Pobre Señorita Limantour.

In 1987 In 1987 she achieved big success with Timbiriche, recording four discs, in where is one of her big hits, accompanied by the Philharmonic Orchestra of Mexico. She was appearing every time more in magazines, she also was winner of a contest of the best body.

At the end of 1987 and beginning of 1988 she acted in the series Quinceañera, sharing the first credit with Adela Noriega.

In 1989 she obtained her first protagonist roll in the soup opera Luz y Sombra. She left the group Timbiriche, and learned to play the bass and the piano.

In January of 1990 she traveled for a year to the United States. In LA University (UCLA) she studied English, took classes of singing, piano, bass, physic culturism, jazz and modern dance, actuation, diction, esthetic control and dancing; also she learned to play the saxophone. With a renovated and everybody criticized ima ge, she returned to Mexico and launch her first disc, which has her name and made it with Alfredo Díaz Ordaz, who is her first and great love. Her representation album received a lot of critics, following Timbiriche's tradition; she represented the pop rock style.

Her second disc came on in 1991, called Mundo de Cristal and the caming on coincided with her stage of television moderator in Spain. She appeared aside of Emilio Aragón presenting Vip Noche, in Telecinco for a longe period. That made her to be known in Spain, from that moment her discs began to work on. Thalia participated in many music festivals with the album.

In 1992 came her third soloist disc titled Love, which was recorded in Spain. She managed to film three soup operas, later called together Trilogía de las Marías (Marias Trilogy), which their common particularity is that the stellar
character of each one is a poor girl with the name of Maria. As first part of this trilogy she recorded María Mercedes.

At the end of the next year the recording of Marimar began, the sec
ond and most popular soup opera of the trilogy. During this period she received the bad news of her boyfriend's death, so that the soup opera tears became true. After that blow she didn't want to fall in love again for a while and locked her engagement ring in a strong box.

En 1995, after three years of break, she began to emphasize more seriously to the music and to her international career. She signed a contract with the international disc company EMI .With the help of famous producers like Emilio Estefan and Óscar López, she prepared her forth disc, En éxtasis, (In ecstasy) her first discographycal work with EMI, the one which opened her the possibility of her real world.-wide success. The disc company changing mean a complete shift in her style into even Latin pop. The album has been sold in all the Latin-American countries and also in the United States, with a total of of more than one million sold copies, reaching later some parts of Europe too, and it has been recognized with several golden and platinum disk. In the same year began the recording of the third soup of the trilogy, María la del barrio.

In February of 1996, due to her work success and stress, her body suffered an intense exhaustion and because of a cardiac arrhythmia, by medical advice she retired of the recordings to her house in LA so that she could take a two weeks rest. During her recovering she received the visit of a good friend, the popular Spanish Julio Iglesias.

In Filipinas enjoyed of such a huge popularity that in 1997 she gave to the Asian country an extraordinary disc titled Nandito Ako (Here I am), in where are some themes, some hits in the official country language , tagalong and English, and also a remix in spanish. She traveled to Filipinas for the launching of her disc, where she received the city keys of Quezon and is named honor citizen.

Meanwhile in the American continent, she wined some others golden and platinum disks due to the selling of En éxtasis. It is proclaimed the April 25th as Thalia's Day in LA, USA.

In February of 1997 she was crowned queen of the thirty eight edition of Viña del Mar International Festival in Chile. That year, in June, she published her d
isk. Continuing the success, she prepared her new disk Amor a la mexicana, in which returning to her country roots, hot rhythms with Mexico Cuban flavor were the main. The album is like a tribute from Thalia because of the love received from her fans. A disk that succeed all around the world and that had a great repercussion on Spain, more than 200.000 sold copies. Also the same year she participated in the soundtrack of Anastasia, a movie of Fox animation in which Thalia represented the central theme in Castilian. The promotion of this disk was very intense and until February of 1998, she couldn't take some vacations.

In the Wax Museum of Mexico City, it was shown a real size statue of her. Meanwhile, EMI reedits En Éxtasis. She got new golden and platinum disks because of her two last discographycal works. Amor a la mexicana was launched in parts o f the world, reaching more than the three million sold copies, so that Thalia deserved the diamond disk.

Televisa sold the Marias Trilogy to China. The Philippine president, Fidel Ramos, sent a missive to his Mexican homologue Dr. Ernesto Zedillo, informing him of the success of the Mexican in those far away lands. She went to Filipinas, where she was received like an authentic queen. They gave her the Manila keys. She traveled to Indonesia where she was received with a great frenzy.

She received the keys of Quezon city, at the north of Manila, and she was named citizen of honor. She was the most popular actress in the moment at Brazil. She presented her new underwear line "Thalia 97". It is published an interview with her in the Playboy magazine.

In 1998 she participated in the Rio de Janeiro carnival. She obtained the main character of the Hollywood comedy Mambo Café, doing the character of Nydia, a student of Puerto Rico. In USA her partner and great friend Emnilio Estefan organized a meeting in where she was presented to the divorced Tommy Mottola, owner of Sony Music and ex husband of Mariah Carey.

In 1999 the recording of Rosalinda Dolores Mexico City, which before recording, it was already sold in 110 countries. She assisted to the Golden Globes in the hotel Beverly Hilton in company of her mother, her sister Gabriela and the president of the 20th Century Fox, Jim Ginapoulos. In Miami she assisted to the began in the Panteon inauguration of Liquid and Bar Room of cardozo, tuscan stiak, in company of Tommy Mottola. Polemic began because of the enmity between Thalia and the Uruguayan-Argentinean Natalia Oreiro. Paparazzi took photos og Thalia with her boyfriend Tommy Mottola in her house. She assited to the wedding of Emilio Azcarraga Jean in Xcaret, Quintana Roo. It was known the notice that she signed a contract to Emi Music for the quantity of 8 million dollars. As part of the celebrations to goodbye the XX century, Tommy Mottola organized a private party in the exclusive restaurant where great stars like Emilio Estefan, Julio Iglesias, etc assists. She was writing the themes for her next disk which at the same time was being recorded in New York city.

In the fist part of 2000 it was at NY with Emilio Estefan her seventh album Arrasando, which includes twelve songs, eight are her own compositions. Advancin g with the age, this album, already mix of modern rhythms (dance, pop, rap) with Latin flavor and interpreting different musical styles, it was developed the versatility of the singer. Arrasando, at the second day of its Mexican launching it already had sold on hundred copies, her first single was called "Entre el mar y una estrella" it obtained the first place of Billboard in the category of Hot Latin Tracks

The album in Spain was deserver of a platinum disk in just a month after its edition in that country. In December 2nd accepted to get married with mister Thomas Daniel Mottola in the NY church of Saint Patrick, in a very luxurious ceremony.

In 2001 with her disk Arrasando she was nominated and won the Lo Nuestro award in the category "Premio del Pueblo", and she was the first artist who received the prize of the Billboard Awards of Latin Music, the "Premio de la Estrella" (Star Award). The selling of the album have surpassed the two million copies internationally. The may 5th, Mexican national holiday, sh party organized in front of the White House and she interpreted a popurri of popular Mexican songs alive with the accompaniment of mariachi. Expressing her love to her Mexican mother country, she prepared a special disk of her three last dise was invited by George W. Bush, president of USA, to acographical works which includes her greatest hits with music of the classic Mexican band, Thalía con Banda which in few days got a golden disk in Mexico.

Meanwhile she is nominated iin two categories in the second Latin Grammy, which ceremony was cancelled due to the terrorist attacks that suffered USA. Arrasando received a Latin Grammy in the category of "The Best Recording Enginery for an Album" and her video was nominated as the best video of the year to Latin Billboard.

In 2002, with her disc of band she was nominated and winner of two Lo Nuestro awards in the categories "Best Female Singer- Mexican regional" and "Town Award-Mexican regional".

She launches her glasses line at NY. Thalia is one of the most awarded and world-.wide recognized artists, in fact she has a Guiness record because she is the one who has received more prizes and recognitions in just a night.

In may she launched her ninth disc, homonym which returned to her rock roots of her initial career as soloist. In the project great producers as the ones of Jennifer López, Marc Anthony, Destiny's Child, etc were involved the disk and its first single "Tú y yo" were in the first places of the popularity rates of the Billboard during many weeks, obtaining a platinum disk in USA. For first time she presented a north American spectacle in the show of Rosie O'Donnell, she interpreted alive in English the song "Closer to You" of her last disk. The September 18th she assisted to the third celebration of the Grammy Latin Awards, in where alive she sang the half ballad and half salsa version of her newest hit "No me enseñaste", doing a fantastic spectacle.

In September her family was in a nightmare, two sisters of her, the actress Laura Zapata and the writer Ernestina Sodi, were kidnapped by strangers when they were leaving a theater performance at Mexico City. The plagiarists demanded more than five million dollars for their freedom. Thalía cancelled all her works and promotions and through her official website she asked to her fans to prey for her sister's liberation. After 18 weeks., Laura was free, but Ernestina had to suffered 34 days shut in. Fortunately both went off well of therir kidnapper's hands, but the psychological trauma was big.

The magazine Buen Hogar prepared a complete special edited all by Thalia, at the same time it launched a calendar of 2003 dedicated to her. In the last moth of the year she recorded her eighties hit "¿A quién le importa?", which made a great controversy in the media and it was forbidden in some south American countries for including lesbian scenes.

She signed a contract with the popular north American commercial firm K-Mart, to launch a line of different products as cosmetics, underwear, etc. with her name

In February of 2003 she participated in Lo Nuestro Awards

winning the "Premio del Pueblo", which she dedicated to her freed sisters. By ending of February, EMI Music set for sale a disc of remixes, made of her greatest hits, which also includes "It's My Party" (the English version of "Arrasando") and as bonus the videoclip of "¿A quién le importa?" about this theme Thalia said:

"This theme is a hymn to all the triumphants that, as me, receive the critics from the others with the simple purpose of going out of the common and looking for being different", added Thalia. "I'm very influenced by the 80's, in that time there was a fusion of sounds from the pop to the rock which made as result a new musical mix highly intense."

In may of 2003 she prepared the song "I Want You", which was the presentation hit for her first album in English. In the song participed with her the popular rapper Joseph Cartagena, better known as his artistic name "Fat Joe".

In Miami took place the celebration of the Billboard Awards of Latin Music, where Thalia received the trophy of the best Latin pop album of the y

ear (female category) for her homonym disk in Spanish, and also she got the Award of the Audience for the same.

In July went out her most expected album, the first disk in English titled one more time just Thalía, which differently from the customary Latin music, it included truly pop music in American style with R&B touches. The new disk and its first single "I Want You" reached privileged positions in the charts of many places of the world, but in USA it didn't reach the selling and popularity expected. In Hungary, the song reaches until now a forth place in VIVA Chart Show, the "top 40" of the musical television network with a great national popularity, VIVA TV.

In august, Thalia presented a show at Bryant Park in the city of New York and she interpreted songs alive, also with the invited star Fat Joe, in a series of concerts for the show Good Morning America. In the same month, she launched her own collection which includes clothe, shoes, female accessories, and many other consumer goods for being sold in the north American shop store network K-Mart. The celebration included also a catwalk presentation, it was known as The Great Thalia's Night by the popular in Spanish channel Univisión.

In 2006, Thalía was the 'godmother' of "Cantando Por Un Sueño", a Mexican TV reality show. It was rumored she got paid 1 mil

lion dollars to perform. Once again she proved to be the favorite and "Cantando Por Un Sueño" was viewed by 45% of all the Mexican Audience during the entire day. Thalía recorded the title song of the show, and it was included in El Sexto Sentido Re+Loaded (a rereleased version of Thalia's current album). It was released in Mexico on February 13, 2006 (U.S. June 6, Spain May 29) and features four new songs, including a duet with the group Aventura "No, No, No". This is Thalía's new single in USA, while the ballad "Olvídame" is the fourth single in the rest of the world. El Sexto Sentido was nominated in one Latin Billboard category - "Pop Female Album" and in eight Premios Juventud categories. Also, Thalía is going to be one of the guests of Miss Universe 2006 with Shakira and Luis Fonsi.

In 2007, she joined theABC Network in order to start the radio program "The Conexión Thalia Radio Show," where she talks about music, fashion, news and political issues.

On june 12, 2007, according to news released on the websi te of H ello! ma g azi ne, Thalía in an exclusive interview for the Mexican edition of ¡Hola! , announced that she was pregnan t. In September, Thalia is expecting h er first child (a girl), who will be Mottola's third.


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